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 Prymadonna Dressform

Prymadonna Dressform

This is a fabulous quality dressform from Prym. 

It has a rotatable 8-piece body with integrated pin cushion in the neck area, stable plastic stand and hem marker with basting attatchment. It has 13 possible adjustments at the neck, bust, waist and hips by means of press and rotate dial at the front and rotatable wheel at the back and sides. Lengthening of the body part is also possible and it has full shoulders for better hang to the sleeves.

It is available in dark violet only.

Size International clothing size Measurements
XS 32-36

Chest 76-91cm

Waist 56-71 cm

Hips 79-94 cm

S 36-42

Chest 84 -100 cm

Waist 66-84 cm

Hips 91 -109 cm

M 42-48

Chest 100 -116 cm

Waist 82-99 cm

Hips 104 -122 cm

L 48 -54 

Chest 112- 127 cm

Waist 94 -109 cm

Hips 119 -132 cm

They take approximately two weeks to order and are self assembly.

Price £150

To place an order please complete the information below and then drop me an email with your prefered size.


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