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Children's Classes

Term time classes run after school between 4pm and 5.30pm weekdays. Children can start aged 7 and progress through three levels. At each level they receive a sewing 'Passport'. As they learn to sew they collect stamps in their Passport to show they have mastered a new skill. Once they have completed a level they are presented with a sewing charm for their kilt pin and move onto the next level.

Classes are £8 per week payable in advance per half term, usually 6 week blocks. Siblings receive a 10% discount. All equipment is provided and most materials and haberdashery, except when they are making clothes for themselves.

It is worth bearing in mind that often we learn at different paces and so if your child is particularly talented then we might consider changing classes so that they are in a group more suited to their ability.

If you are new to The Studio it is best to complete the enquiry form. We can then place you in the right class or on a waiting list depending on class numbers.